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Don't waste your time reading material that does not target how companies evaluate you. Our frameworks and solved cases target the interview styles at top tech companies.


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Improve your confidence, structure, and delivery by practicing with other peers who are actively interviewing.



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Learn how to structure your answer, what the interviewer is looking for, and do's and don'ts during an interview from our recorded group coaching sessions.


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Group Coaching

Participate in regular group coaching sessions to learn how to answer interview questions at top tech companies.


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Speed up your prep by booking personal coaching sessions with our StellarPeers founder. She has coached hundreds of professionals that got offers from Google, Meta and other tech companies. See what they have to say.

We have four types of coaching offerings:


Success stories with StellarPeers.

We are proud of our community in landing their dream jobs. Here is what they have to say about StellarPeers' role in their success.

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I will be forever grateful for StellarPeers as the videos were fundamental to my practice of the interview questions, which ultimately resulted in an offer at Facebook.

Isaac F.


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For product managers who are not native speakers or have delivery problems during the high-pressured virtual interview, I highly recommend you come to StellarPeers to Practice, Practice, and Practice. I am a product manager with 8+ years of work experience in China and moved to the States at mid-age. Without systematic training from any U.S. university and career service, I was able to find a senior product management role at Pinterest through mock interviews at StellarPeers. StellaPeers effectively helped me to deliver my thoughts at an almost stable performance. I also iterated my own frameworks by collecting feedback from mock partners of various backgrounds.

Amanda S.


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StellarPeers is a great resource for interview preparation. The community members are like-minded and provide great feedback. It helped me land a job at Amazon.

Jitesh M.