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How StellarPeers Works

A community platform that helps professionals prepare for interviews.

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How StellarPeers works graphic


Learn what a question is about, what the interviewer is looking for, and how to structure your answer.

How StellarPeers works graphic


Create or join a mock interview. Or, ask to be an observer. Switch roles and provide feedback to each other.

How StellarPeers works graphic


The more you simulate an interview the more prepared and relaxed you will be during the real one.

How StellarPeers Helps

Working through questions and simulating the interview experience.


Find Practice Partners

Find multiple peers that are eager to practice like you.

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Practice Regularly

Practice or observe as many times as you want.

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Get Multiple Feedback

Different points of views to improve your answers.


Group Coaching

Learn and practice as a group on how to work on problems.

What Our Peers Are Saying

These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“I stumbled upon StellarPeers as I was looking to brush up on my PM skills, and I’m glad that I did! The group discussion format attracts diverse peers who are passionate and knowledgeable in the PM space — learned a lot through the process.”

Venkatesh H.

Sling TV

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“I just got the RPM job at Facebook, and StellarPeers played a huge role in this. Thank you for creating this platform. It is one of the best resources out there for aspiring PMs. Thank you again.”

Aditya K.


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“I had an excellent experience working with Malena to prepare for several Senior PM interviews. She helped me refine my frameworks, think more rigorously about product strategy, and lead the interviewer—all of which are essential for securing offers for more senior roles. Not to mention, Malena's warmth and friendliness made me look forward to our mock interview sessions. I ended up receiving offers from my top two choices, Doordash and Coinbase. I highly recommend working with her if you're prepping for product management interviews.”

Azi H.


Companies Hiring Our Peers

These and many more top tech companies are hiring our peers.

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