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Speed up your product management interview prep by booking personal coaching sessions with our StellarPeers founder. Malena has coached hundreds of professionals that got offers from Google, Meta, and other tech companies. See what they have to say. See what they have to say.

We have four types of coaching offerings:

Success stories with StellarPeers.

We are proud of our community in landing their dream jobs. Here is what they have to say about StellarPeers' role in their success.

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I just got the RPM job at Facebook, and StellarPeers played a huge role in this. Thank you for creating this platform. It is one of the best resources out there for aspiring PMs. Thank you again.

Aditya K.


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StellarPeers helped me overcome one of my greatest weaknesses in interviewing, nervousness. Practicing with my peers helped get me comfortable and confident with the questions I could expect and get all of my nerves out before the real thing. I would recommend anyone going through the PM interview process to check out StellarPeers.

Megan C.

Cadreon – IPG Mediabrands

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I want to share with you that I finally got the offer and signed for the Google Cloud Technology Alliance Partner Manager position! I can’t thank you enough, StellarPeers! Without your app, I would not have been able to go this far.

Rose Z.