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How StellarPeers Works

A community platform that helps professionals prepare for interviews.

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How StellarPeers works graphic


Learn what a question is about, what the interviewer is looking for, and how to structure your answer.

How StellarPeers works graphic


Create or join a mock interview. Or, ask to be an observer. Switch roles and provide feedback to each other.

How StellarPeers works graphic


The more you simulate an interview the more prepared and relaxed you will be during the real one.

How StellarPeers Helps

Working through questions and simulating the interview experience.


Find Practice Partners

Find multiple peers that are eager to practice like you.

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Practice Regularly

Practice or observe as many times as you want.

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Get Multiple Feedback

Different points of views to improve your answers.


Group Coaching

Learn and practice as a group on how to work on problems.

What Our Peers Are Saying

These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“StellarPeers is an amazing platform bringing together PMs in the industry to connect and practice for PM interviews! I made such a great network of friends who were going through the same process. The practice sessions with such a brilliant group of people were super helpful and eventually helped me land a job at Facebook. Great work Malena, Thanks a lot!!”

Mridula P.


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“Glad I found StellarPeers. People with various experience pitched in to improve my story delivery—a wonderful network of people. All these things helped me land at Amazon.”

Rajesh A.


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“StellarPeers is a great platform to utilize for mock practice. I learned about StellarPeers through Blind as a great resource to prep for Facebook. I loved their mission of Preparing for Greatness, Together! Because it helped to encourage me on my journey to receiving my offer at Facebook. I loved how StellarPeers ensures everyone's time is valued with their zero tolerance for no-shows, which helped me complete over 150 mock interviews. People were kind, and they provided valuable feedback in areas I needed to master. I also purchased private coaching sessions with Malena. I loved her frameworks and how she coached me on blending my uniqueness when applying the frameworks and didn’t force me to change. During our private sessions, I loved that she explained the WHY behind her critique of my answers, so it helped me understand the importance of changing. I recommend this platform for anyone practicing for product management interviews, not just for Facebook. You will find a community of leaders from people with 10+ years of experience to just starting out, all hungry to learn.”

Ashley M.


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