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How StellarPeers Works

A community platform that helps professionals prepare for interviews.

How StellarPeers works graphic
How StellarPeers works graphic


Learn what a question is about, what the interviewer is looking for, and how to structure your answer.

How StellarPeers works graphic


Create or join a mock interview. Or, ask to be an observer. Switch roles and provide feedback to each other.

How StellarPeers works graphic


The more you simulate an interview the more prepared and relaxed you will be during the real one.

How StellarPeers Helps

Working through questions and simulating the interview experience.


Find Practice Partners

Find multiple peers that are eager to practice like you.

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Practice Regularly

Practice or observe as many times as you want.

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Get Multiple Feedback

Different points of views to improve your answers.


Group Coaching

Learn and practice as a group on how to work on problems.

What Our Peers Are Saying

These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“Thanks to a number of peer interviews I conducted using StellarPeers which helped me build confidence, figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are, and just going through actual live environments, I am happy to say I received my first PM job offer today in San Francisco, and I am expecting another one later this week. Thank you for this awesome community!”

Jacky L.


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“I joined StellarPeers because it was recommended to me by a business school classmate of mine. As a former military officer, I had no idea what went into preparing for product management interviews. However, the frameworks, peer mocks, and coaching from Malena gave me the skills and confidence to crush the interview and receive an offer for the Facebook RPM program! Thank you, Malena and StellarPeers community!”

James H.


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“After two unsuccessful attempts with Facebook, I finally made it on my third attempt, after I booked a private coaching session with Malena. Malena explained the rules of the game when interviewing with Facebook, provided me with invaluable insights and tips during our practice session, and helped me improve my frameworks and presentation. I will join Facebook as a product manager in one of their enterprise products teams! If you plan on interviewing with a big tech firm, Malena is a resource you should definitely use.”

Kevin L.


Companies Hiring Our Peers

These and many more top tech companies are hiring our peers.

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