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How StellarPeers Works

A community platform that helps professionals prepare for interviews.

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How StellarPeers works graphic


Learn what a question is about, what the interviewer is looking for, and how to structure your answer.

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Schedule a mock video interview and practice by switching roles and providing feedback.

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The more you simulate an interview the more prepared and relaxed you will be during the real one.

How StellarPeers Helps

The best way to prepare for an interview is by working through questions and simulating the interview experience.


Find Practice Partners

Find multiple peers that are eager to practice like you.

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Practice Regularly

Practice or observe as many times as you want.

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Get Multiple Feedback

Different points of views to improve your answers.

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Weekly Meetup

Weekly brainstorming sessions to work on problems.

What Our Peers Are Saying

These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“StellarPeers is a great resource for anyone who is looking for interviewing for a product management position. Peer discussions and follow-up articles provide thorough and structured solutions to day to day problems that product manager face. It also keeps you updated with latest trends in the industry.”

Animesh D.


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“Identifying your pitfalls, perfecting your pitch, getting familiarized with the common interview patterns and networking with people who are in the same boat has been made really easy by this platform. I think StellarPeers is an essential resource for anyone who’s serious about landing a PM job.”

Vijith V.


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“I was able to get an offer in my 1st interview for the Associate Product Manager. I prepared extensively using the calendar at StellarPeers which increased my knowledge of frameworks and improved my creativity while answering questions. I was able to use some of the ideas and thoughts directly from mock preparation in an actual interview. Stellarpeers blogs and mock interviews were the only sources of preparation for the interviews for me.”

Atal A.

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Companies Hiring Our Peers

These and many more top companies are hiring our peers.

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Simulate the experience and practice, practice, practice!

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