132 Interview Questions


Answering Top Product Management Behavioral Questions
Learn which top behavioral questions to expect, how to prepare an answer, and how to deliver an answer based on your experience that makes you stand out.
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GoogleProduct Launch

Improve and Launch a Product You Use Frequently
Choose a product you use frequently. How would you improve it? How would you launch it?
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Prioritize Between Two Product Issues
How do you decide what to do first as an Airbnb PM: fix a problem with customers checking into the site or customers complaining of dirty places?
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MetaGoal Setting

Define a Goal and Success Metrics for Zoom
Imagine you are hired as the product manager for Zoom. What goal would you set for your team, and what metrics would you define?
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GoogleProblem Diagnostic

YouTube Prime increases its price. Subscribers churn. What do you do?
YouTube raised the price of YouTube Prime by 10%. Following the price hike, 10% of subscribers churned. What do you do?
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Online toaster price war. What to do?
You are the CEO of a company that sells a high-tech toaster mainly through retail channels. A new competitor appears that starts selling a toaster with the same features but at half the price on e-commerce platforms. What would you do?
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