Goal Setting

Frameworks / Generic / Execution

What is this question about?

A typical question would be: Imagine you are the product manager of Facebook Lite, how would you set your goals?

This question tests whether you have an effective way of setting goals for your team. That means whether your goals are measurable and achievable.

How to structure your answer?

Here is one framework that can help you set goals:

  • Clarify: Ask the interviewer clarifying questions, if something is not clear.
  • Product: Describe the product to the interviewer and check if you and the interviewer are on the same page.
  • Product vision: Define it.
  • Current state: Ask what is the current state, has the product achieved its original goals? What were they? Or confirm your understanding of the current state of the product with the interviewer.
  • Short term goals: Define and prioritize product metrics. Set measurable improvements of those metrics as short term goals.
  • Long term goals: List any obstacles or challenges that are in the way of achieving the product vision. For each obstacle or challenge, define an objective and a measurable result (OKR) that you want to achieve in order to eliminate it. To learn how to set OKRs please read OKRs by niket (https://medium.com/startup-tools/okrs-5afdc298bc28).