Plans & Pricing

Our free plan gets you started. Switch to a subscription plan to improve and perform at the highest possible level.

  Free Paid
Unlimited Mock Interviews

Practice mock interviews 24/7 with other peers via our StellarPeers mock interview calendar. A valid LinkedIn profile is required.

No Shows and Late Cancellations Rules

Community rules to optimize your mock practice time.

Observing Mocks

Ability to observe mocks to learn from others.

Build Genuine Professional Relationships

Coaching each other helps build genuine friendships with your partners.

Access to Interview Questions

Access to a growing list of 1,100+ interview questions shared by our community.

Group Interview Coaching Videos

Access to a growing list of 130+ coaching videos on how to solve questions asked by Meta and Google.

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Solved Cases

Access to a growing list of 50+ solved cases by StellarPeers.

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Detailed Frameworks

Access to 60+ frameworks targeting Generic, Amazon, Meta, and Google product management interview questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does StellarPeers' pricing work?

We have three paid subscriptions, Motivated, Achiever, and Fanatic. They all include our free peer mocks services and paid features such as our targeted company frameworks, 105+ group coaching videos, 46+ solved cases, and 300+ real interview questions shared by our community. The Motivated subscription is for users in a rush who need to get a job in 1 month. The Achiever subscription is for users targeting several FAANG companies, who will require more than three months to prepare and complete their interviews. The Fanatic subscription is for users committed to getting an offer from their dream FAANG and will interview only when they feel fully ready.

How do I pay?

You can purchase a StellarPeers' subscription with any major credit card.

How do I cancel my plan?

Your subscription will be renewed automatically unless you cancel it, in which case your access will end at the end of the current period. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your Billing page or by sending us an email at

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. If you cancel your subscription before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires, you will lose access to paid features and all data associated with those features.

Do you have educational or non-profit discounts?

We introduced a free subscription so that everyone can use StellarPeers. At this point, we do not have any discounts on paid subscriptions.

Why is a LinkedIn profile required for the mock interview practice calendar?

StellarPeers is a community platform, and transparency is one of our core values. We vet people before allowing them to join the practice calendar to help our members feel safe in providing their true identities. Plus, users want to know who they are practicing with.