Malena helped me immeasurably with my interview prep for Meta. I tried working through it on my own at first, and working with Malena was a night and day difference. I thought I knew what I was doing, but she quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses, and then helped me continually refine my strengths and close the gap on my weaknesses. Using the frameworks and approaches Malena helped drill into my mind made the prep and actual interviews so much less stressful and scary. I went into my interviews feeling confident, and landed a great PM role at Meta in a time where VERY few people were getting through the screens; I directly credit Malena's help for getting me through it. Couldn't have done it without you, Malena!

Malena, I just got the update from HR that I passed all the loops and converted successfully. Thank you for all the help, patience and guidance you provided in a short time frame, agreeing to do four sessions in 4 days. Your sessions were so crucial and insightful and helped me add a lot more structure to my thinking and approach, especially around analytical rounds. I needed that more than I thought, and it helped me ground myself a few days before the interview. Thank you again for doing what you do to help others. I'll always be grateful for your time.

I contacted Malena to help me prepare for the various topics covered during the Google Product Manager interview. There were only two weeks left before the interviews. She responded the same day, and we had our first coaching session the day after. Malena identified my key weaknesses, and we worked on them. Being able to answer questions right is one thing, but doing it within the short amount of time allocated is another. She was instrumental in helping me to achieve both. She provided frameworks that helped structure my answers. But what's great is that she was able to adapt them to fit better with my preferences in approaching the questions. This made me much more at ease, allowing me to answer questions in a structured and natural way. I sometimes felt a bit defeated when facing difficult topics. She was here to keep my spirits up when I was doubting. Consequently, I arrived at the interviews with a high level of confidence, and succeeded in getting my dream job as a Google PM.