Working with Malena on 1:1 coaching for the product sense question was the best decision I have ever made. She helped me refine my frameworks by walking me step by step through the right questions to ask to arrive at the answer. She is an expert in the field and passionate about it. Even after the coaching sessions, she went above and beyond to make sure I fully understood how to structure my answers. Without her, I would not have landed an offer from Facebook. I would highly recommend Malena! She is the best!

StellarPeers is a great platform to utilize for mock practice. I learned about StellarPeers through Blind as a great resource to prep for Facebook. I loved their mission of Preparing for Greatness, Together! Because it helped to encourage me on my journey to receiving my offer at Facebook. I loved how StellarPeers ensures everyone's time is valued with their zero tolerance for no-shows, which helped me complete over 150 mock interviews. People were kind, and they provided valuable feedback in areas I needed to master. I also purchased private coaching sessions with Malena. I loved her frameworks and how she coached me on blending my uniqueness when applying the frameworks and didn’t force me to change. During our private sessions, I loved that she explained the WHY behind her critique of my answers, so it helped me understand the importance of changing. I recommend this platform for anyone practicing for product management interviews, not just for Facebook. You will find a community of leaders from people with 10+ years of experience to just starting out, all hungry to learn.

I felt very fortunate to have found StellarPeers and Malena during my prep for the Google product manager interview. The frameworks and examples that Malena provided on the site were extremely helpful. I enjoyed attending her Group Coaching sessions and learned a lot from those sessions. Strongly recommend!! I also had a 1x1 session with Malena, where she provided very on-point and constructive feedback. I could not have passed the Google interview without everything I learned from StellarPeers. Thank you so much, Malena!

I benefitted tremendously from the private coaching sessions I booked with Malena. I followed her advice religiously. She gave me detailed guidance on which resources to study, especially for coding and system design questions. I got excellent feedback from my interviewers at Google, and that is a big deal for me as the bars are really high there. Malena gave me precious advice for estimation questions, and following her guidance, I became so fast in doing estimations no mock partner could believe it.

I had never worked at a big tech company, and StellarPeers was my first introduction to that tech world. I spent a good amount of time studying Malena's practice answers. These were particularly useful because of their high quality, structure, and clarity. I also had about 20 mock interviews with other peers, some of whom became good friends, and shadowed the mocks of more experienced PMs. The mocks were invaluable because I could assess other people's answers, what worked and what didn't, and received feedback and suggestions on how to improve my performance. I also attended a few group and individual coaching sessions. Overall, all StellarPeers offerings were a great way to learn about PM interviews and Facebook products in a short period of time. Prep using StellarPeers was instrumental in my getting an offer from Facebook for a senior data scientist role. I have recommended the platform to others and definitely plan on using it myself again.

After two unsuccessful attempts with Facebook, I finally made it on my third attempt, after I booked a private coaching session with Malena. Malena explained the rules of the game when interviewing with Facebook, provided me with invaluable insights and tips during our practice session, and helped me improve my frameworks and presentation. I will join Facebook as a product manager in one of their enterprise products teams! If you plan on interviewing with a big tech firm, Malena is a resource you should definitely use.

I had an excellent experience working with Malena to prepare for several Senior PM interviews. She helped me refine my frameworks, think more rigorously about product strategy, and lead the interviewer—all of which are essential for securing offers for more senior roles. Not to mention, Malena's warmth and friendliness made me look forward to our mock interview sessions. I ended up receiving offers from my top two choices, Doordash and Coinbase. I highly recommend working with her if you're prepping for product management interviews.

For product managers who are not native speakers or have delivery problems during the high-pressured virtual interview, I highly recommend you come to StellarPeers to Practice, Practice, and Practice. I am a product manager with 8+ years of work experience in China and moved to the States at mid-age. Without systematic training from any U.S. university and career service, I was able to find a senior product management role at Pinterest through mock interviews at StellarPeers. StellaPeers effectively helped me to deliver my thoughts at an almost stable performance. I also iterated my own frameworks by collecting feedback from mock partners of various backgrounds.

At the beginning of my data science interviews, I had no idea how to handle product case questions. After spending over two months with over 50 mock interviews, I was able to speak confidently with a well-structured framework and hence ace all my product case interviews. The mock interview experience and the friendships you gain from the StellaPeers platform is super valuable! I highly recommend StellaPeers to any data scientist who wants to sharpen their product case interview skills.