These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“I'm joining the gaming industry! StellarPeers was my biggest support during my preparation period and helped me make a career pivot to a B2C PM role.”

Sourav D.

GSN Games

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“StellarPeers has been a phenomenal tool to help me prep for my interviews. I ultimately landed 4 offers, and I couldn’t have done it without StellarPeers and all the bright people on the platform. Thank you!”

Paul O.


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“I was able to get an offer in my 1st interview for the Associate Product Manager. I prepared extensively using mock interviews at StellarPeers which increased my knowledge of frameworks and improved my creativity while answering questions. I was able to use some of the ideas and thoughts directly from mock preparation in an actual interview. Stellarpeers blogs and mock interviews were the only sources of preparation for the interviews for me.”

Atal A.

Castlight Health

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“I recently got offers from both Google and Facebook. StellarPeers was a key resource in my preparation. I watched the videos, read the write-ups, and found a wide variety of people to practice with on this site. In addition to developing the skills necessary to pass the interview process, I built a network of Product Managers that I’m sure I’ll keep in contact with in the future. Thanks, Malena for dreaming up and executing on StellarPeers!”

Robert Y.


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“Thanks to a number of peer interviews I conducted using StellarPeers which helped me build confidence, figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are, and just going through actual live environments, I am happy to say I received my first PM job offer today in San Francisco, and I am expecting another one later this week. Thank you for this awesome community!”

Jacky L.


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“I want to thank you for the StellarPeers platform and community, who have helped me immensely in my preparation with pointed and critical feedback. It is a great community growing day by day, wishing you the best. Thank you once again.”

Santosh A.

Ola Cabs

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“StellarPeers was critical in my PM job search process and eventually landing the job at LinkedIn! It was great to find many folks who were also passionate about product to practice with, which helped me get accustomed to a lot of different types and flavors of questions one can expect from an interview while strengthening me to be less nervous during the actual interviews. I would recommend this awesome community to anyone who is looking to get into product management!”

Mitchell K.


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“I joined StellarPeers shortly after a friend of mine mentioned he was part of a community that provided resources for people preparing for the PM interview. StellarPeers provided me with incredible resources, insights and an amazing community of fellow interview candidates looking to sharpen their interview skills. I truly enjoyed connecting with ambitious, like-minded people during the 1-on-1 session as well as participating in the monthly live group hangout session. I highly recommend joining the StellarPeers community if you want to conquer the PM interview!”



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“StellarPeers is a great resource for anyone who is looking for interviewing for a product management position. Peer discussions and follow-up articles provide thorough and structured solutions to day to day problems that product managers face. It also keeps you updated with the latest trends in the industry.”

Animesh D.


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“Thanks to all the prep that I could do with StellarPeers, I got an offer from Amazon. I am really thankful for this super useful site and community — I don’t think I could have landed Amazon without the prep I could do on StellarPeers.”

Vinay A.


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“StellarPeers was instrumental in helping me prepare and get offers as a product manager. There is a wealth of resources, opportunities to practice, and a great community to sharpen your interview skills before the real interview.”

Daniel L.


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“I want to share with you that I finally got the offer and signed for the Google Cloud Technology Alliance Partner Manager position! I can’t thank you enough, StellarPeers! Without your app, I would not have been able to go this far.”

Rose Z.


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