These peers went from zero to interview-ready.

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“Thanks to all the prep that I could do with StellarPeers, I got an offer from Amazon. I am really thankful for this super useful site and community — I don’t think I could have landed Amazon without the prep I could do on StellarPeers.”

Vinay A.
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“StellarPeers was instrumental in helping me prepare and get offers as a product manager. There is a wealth of resources, opportunities to practice, and a great community to sharpen your interview skills before the real interview.”

Daniel L.
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“I want to share with you that I finally got the offer and signed for the Google Cloud Technology Alliance Partner Manager position! I can’t thank you enough, StellarPeers! Without your app, I would not have been able to go this far.”

Rose Z.
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“The key to cracking a PM interview, is to practice mock-interviewing. I practiced regularly on StellarPeers calendar and it helped me internalize all that I read in books and learn so much more from the techniques, ideas, mistakes and experiences of other candidates. It did give a boost to my confidence for the D day. I definitely recommend StellarPeers.”

Astika G.
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“I stumbled upon StellarPeers as I was looking to brush up on my PM skills, and I’m glad that I did! The group discussion format attracts diverse peers who are passionate and knowledgeable in the PM space — learned a lot through the process.”

Venkatesh H.
Sling TV
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“StellarPeers is a network of great people, and I am glad to be part of this group. I really enjoyed the mock interview sessions and was able to improve my skills through 1-1 sessions. The approaches mentioned for different parts of PM interview was really helpful. I recommend StellarPeers to all my professional connections who are interviewing for their dream jobs. Cheers!”

Neethu R.
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“I learned many little things like minor resume modifications, feedback on narration, etc., from members in StellarPeers, which made a big difference to my interviewing skills and preparation. A good network of people willing to learn and help. Glad I was a part, benefitted a lot!”

Chaitra R.
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“Identifying your pitfalls, perfecting your pitch, getting familiarized with the common interview patterns, and networking with people who are in the same boat has been made very easy by this platform. StellarPeers is an essential resource for anyone serious about landing a PM job.”

Vijith V.
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“StellarPeers helped me overcome one of my greatest weaknesses in interviewing, nervousness. Practicing with my peers helped get me comfortable and confident with the questions I could expect and get all of my nerves out before the real thing. I would recommend anyone going through the PM interview process to check out StellarPeers.”

Megan C.
Cadreon – IPG Mediabrands
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“StellarPeers helped me develop a product manager mindset and hone my interviewing skills. With their help, I was successful in changing careers from a technical role to a product manager role. Thanks, StellarPeers!”

Seema J.
Siemens Healthineers
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“StellarPeers is a great resource for interview preparation. The community members are like-minded and provide great feedback. It helped me land a job at Amazon.”

Jitesh M.
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“StellarPeers provided me with the knowledge, feedback, and confidence I needed to showcase my skills, interview well, and get a great job at Square.”

Loren H.
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