Coaching Videos

Learn how to structure your answer, what the interviewer is looking for, and do's and don'ts during an interview from our recorded group coaching sessions.

Generic Situational

Answering Top Product Management Behavioral Questions
Learn which top behavioral questions to expect, how to prepare an answer, and how to deliver an answer based on your experience that makes you stand out.
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Generic Prioritization

Prioritize Between Two Product Issues
How do you decide what to do first as an Airbnb PM: fix a problem with customers checking into the site or customers complaining of dirty places?
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Generic Pricing

Is a Freemium Model Good for Bike-sharing
A company in the bike-sharing business considers a freemium revenue model. What is your recommendation?
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Define Metrics and Goals for DoorDash
What metrics would you define for DoorDash? What goals would you set for your team?
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Generic Growth

What Next for Facebook
Imagine you are the VP of a product at Facebook. What new product do you think Facebook should launch next?
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Generic Monetization

Monetize a Teleporting Machine
Imagine you are the PM of a new Google product, a machine that can teleport a person 100 meters. How would you monetize it?
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Measure the Success of Yelp’s Reviews Feature
How would you measure the success of Yelp's Reviews feature?
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