Decide Whether to Autoplay Facebook News Feed Videos

Analytical Thinking on Nov 12, 2020

At this group coaching session, we will work on a product execution question: How do you decide whether to enable autoplay for Facebook Newsfeed videos?

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How do you decide between showing a friend's fundraiser or a social event the friend is attending in Facebook's notifications feature?
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You are the product manager for Facebook News Feed. How would you decide whether to display the 'People You May Know' (PYMK) feature or an advertisement? How do you choose whether to show the PYMK feature vs. an Event post?
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Tradeoffs Between Facebook Events vs. PYMK
You are the product manager for Facebook News Feed — how would you determine which feature to display: 'People You May Know' or Facebook Events?
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How do you decide between displaying Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ feature or an Advertisement?
This product execution interview question tests your ability to frame a trade-off problem in a clear way and how to evaluate it.
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