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Guest Speaker: How to tackle estimation problems

You are in a Google product management interview, and the interviewer asks you this estimation question: How many commercial airports are there in the United States?

Having an effective way of solving estimation questions in product management interviews is crucial. Estimation questions are very common during Google interviews. This interview question is hard because it does not follow the usual pattern of top-down decomposition and bottoms up aggregation.

Ryan Borker, one of our peers from StellarPeers, will teach us how to solve this question. Ryan has a consulting background (BCG) and is uniquely qualified on how to best tackle estimation problems.

Ryan is a reformed BCG consultant and expert in all-things future of work (aka 'gig economy'), having worked in product at Gigster and Axiom and started an exec recruiting marketplace. He is most interested in the current loneliness epidemic and the economics of human attention. In his free time, he is a street photographer, saltwater reef keeper, and Quora Top Writer. You will find him these days writing about these topics on

Estimation on Apr 1, 2020