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Book a coaching session with Malena and get ready for your upcoming interviews with startups, medium size companies, or Fortune 500 companies.

Book one or more sessions to:

  • Learn how to approach different types of interview questions
  • Learn how to think in a structured way
  • Communicate and deliver clearly and succinctly
  • Prepare for questions targeting your level (APM, PM, Sr. PM, Group PM, Director)
  • Get insights on how you are evaluated depending on your level
  • Get feedback on an interview presentation
Single Session
For people that need coaching for targeted needs.
$300 for 1 session
$250 for 1 session
Three Sessions
For people that feel they need more than one session.
$765 for 3 sessions
$675 for 3 sessions
Amazon Package
Improve your Amazon Leadership Principles interview.
$765 for 3 sessions
$675 for 3 sessions
Google Package
For people preparing for the Google PM interview.
$1,250 for 5 sessions
$1,063 for 5 sessions
Meta Package
For people preparing for the Meta PM interview.
$1,000 for 4 sessions
$850 for 4 sessions

How Malena's Coaching is Different

Unlike other coaches who just do a mock with you and tell you what you did well or not, Malena coaches you in understanding why and how you need to structure and communicate your answers to hit the company's evaluation criteria. Malena will help you improve your delivery to provide a cohesive narrative that is conversational, hits all the evaluation criteria, and makes you stand out.

You can evaluate Malena's coaching quality and style before investing your money by watching group coaching videos and reading publications of her frameworks and answers.

Malena has optimized her coaching based on more than three years of helping hundreds of community members improve their interviewing skills, creating frameworks that work, writing solved cases that have helped hundreds succeed, and coaching hundreds of StellarPeers members. 70+ members have sent her testimonials after getting offers from Meta, Google, Amazon, and other top tech companies.

As a founder of StellarPeers, Malena continuously analyzes and deconstructs interview questions and evaluation criteria used at top companies to help candidates nail their interviews. Here is what a member that is now a Googler says:

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I relied on your site for my Associate Product Manager interviews at Google and got the position! I followed StellarPeers’ frameworks religiously, and they never failed me. If there’s positive feedback I can provide, or write some glowing review, I’d love to do so!

John F., Google

Malena helped me immeasurably with my interview prep for Meta. I tried working through it on my own at first, and working with Malena was a night and day difference. I thought I knew what I was doing, but she quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses, and then helped me continually refine my strengths and close the gap on my weaknesses.

Using the frameworks and approaches Malena helped drill into my mind made the prep and actual interviews so much less stressful and scary. I went into my interviews feeling confident, and landed a great PM role at Meta in a time where VERY few people were getting through the screens; I directly credit Malena’s help for getting me through it. Couldn’t have done it without you, Malena!

Hi Malena, I wanted to let you know that I cleared all the interviews and that I should expect an offer next week. I cannot thank you enough for all the support you provided me, especially with segmentation. In fact, product sense was my strongest interview, which is all thanks to you and your methodology. I could not have imagined to get to this stage without your support. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You should patent your “narrow down/where to play approach”!

I discovered StellarPeers while searching for ways to tackle case studies. The website’s structure and depth impressed me, largely owing to Malena’s expertise. Following an interview rejection, I booked a coaching session with Malena. Her dedicated support significantly enhanced my interview performance. After just two sessions, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my interview approach, enabling me to land PM jobs matching my skills instantly.

Malena, I just got the update from HR that I passed all the loops and converted successfully. Thank you for all the help, patience and guidance you provided in a short time frame, agreeing to do four sessions in 4 days. Your sessions were so crucial and insightful and helped me add a lot more structure to my thinking and approach, especially around analytical rounds. I needed that more than I thought, and it helped me ground myself a few days before the interview. Thank you again for doing what you do to help others. I’ll always be grateful for your time.

I contacted Malena to help me prepare for the various topics covered during the Google Product Manager interview. There were only two weeks left before the interviews. She responded the same day, and we had our first coaching session the day after.

Malena identified my key weaknesses, and we worked on them. Being able to answer questions right is one thing, but doing it within the short amount of time allocated is another. She was instrumental in helping me to achieve both.

She provided frameworks that helped structure my answers. But what’s great is that she was able to adapt them to fit better with my preferences in approaching the questions. This made me much more at ease, allowing me to answer questions in a structured and natural way.

I sometimes felt a bit defeated when facing difficult topics. She was here to keep my spirits up when I was doubting. Consequently, I arrived at the interviews with a high level of confidence, and succeeded in getting my dream job as a Google PM.

Malena helped start my Google career, and she’s absolutely amazing. When facing Google’s interview invite, I was both excited and nervous; their <1% acceptance rate was intimidating. But Malena used her extensive coaching experience and thorough research to guide me constructively through each stage of the process. When there is a will, there is a way, and Malena really helped me to find the way.

Malena helped me take my PM interview prep to the next level. She provided great insights into how Facebook thinks as a company, key things they look for in candidates, and how to best frame responses. Without Malena’s guidance, I would not have cleared the interviews and received an offer.

I reached out to Malena when preparing for my Meta onsite PM interview. I struggled with the structure, lacked depth in my answers, and had poor delivery. Malena’s coaching sessions helped me overcome my weaknesses with a step-by-step approach for each focus area. Even after the coaching sessions, she kept in touch and constantly motivated me to keep preparing.

When I got the senior product manager offer from Meta, she gave me many great tips to negotiate the compensation and choose the team. Because of her guidance, I was able to get a higher offer and was able to start my journey at Meta. Malena truly cares a lot about her mentees, and I highly recommend her 1×1 sessions for FAANG preparation.

I am pleased to share that I received an offer from Meta in a product management role. I am so grateful to Malena and her coaching — from editing my resume, providing private coaching to nail the Meta product interviews, and answering my numerous questions outside of her coaching hours; Malena has been my constant source of support! I wouldn’t be able to break into Meta without her coaching. I recommend her services to anyone preparing for a product management interview. Thanks, Malena and StellarPeers!

I worked with Malena to prep generally for PM interviews and, more specifically, for Google and Meta. Malena was very structured, allowing me to hone in on the places I needed to improve. I had very little PM interview experience when we started. I was so grateful for her practical, useful, and specific feedback and her deep knowledge of what these companies are looking for. As I interviewed with more companies, I could tell I was getting stronger after each coaching session. Ultimately, I had multiple offers, which wouldn’t have been possible without Malena’s coaching!

Working with Malena on 1:1 coaching for the product sense question was the best decision I have ever made. She helped me refine my frameworks by walking me step by step through the right questions to ask to arrive at the answer. She is an expert in the field and passionate about it. Even after the coaching sessions, she went above and beyond to make sure I fully understood how to structure my answers. Without her, I would not have landed an offer from Facebook. I would highly recommend Malena! She is the best!

I felt very fortunate to have found StellarPeers and Malena during my prep for the Google product manager interview. The frameworks and examples that Malena provided on the site were extremely helpful. I enjoyed attending her Group Coaching sessions and learned a lot from those sessions. Strongly recommend!! I also had a 1×1 session with Malena, where she provided very on-point and constructive feedback. I could not have passed the Google interview without everything I learned from StellarPeers. Thank you so much, Malena!

I benefitted tremendously from the private coaching sessions I booked with Malena. I followed her advice religiously. She gave me detailed guidance on which resources to study, especially for coding and system design questions. I got excellent feedback from my interviewers at Google, and that is a big deal for me as the bars are really high there. Malena gave me precious advice for estimation questions, and following her guidance, I became so fast in doing estimations no mock partner could believe it.

After two unsuccessful attempts with Facebook, I finally made it on my third attempt, after I booked a private coaching session with Malena. Malena explained the rules of the game when interviewing with Facebook, provided me with invaluable insights and tips during our practice session, and helped me improve my frameworks and presentation. I will join Facebook as a product manager in one of their enterprise products teams! If you plan on interviewing with a big tech firm, Malena is a resource you should definitely use.

I had an excellent experience working with Malena to prepare for several Senior PM interviews. She helped me refine my frameworks, think more rigorously about product strategy, and lead the interviewer—all of which are essential for securing offers for more senior roles. Not to mention, Malena’s warmth and friendliness made me look forward to our mock interview sessions. I ended up receiving offers from my top two choices, Doordash and Coinbase. I highly recommend working with her if you’re prepping for product management interviews.

I joined StellarPeers because it was recommended to me by a business school classmate of mine. As a former military officer, I had no idea what went into preparing for product management interviews. However, the frameworks, peer mocks, and coaching from Malena gave me the skills and confidence to crush the interview and receive an offer for the Facebook RPM program! Thank you, Malena and StellarPeers community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

You can reschedule a session 24 hours in advance. Once you have committed and paid, you cannot receive a partial nor full refund.

Can I reschedule?

Coaching sessions can be rescheduled for free by doing it 24 hours in advance.

What is your "no show" policy?

If you fail to attend a coaching session ("no show") without notifying us 24 hours in advance, you will lose that session and be charged for it.